3PL Warehouse System

3PL Warehouse System​

Introducing a 3PL Warehouse System designed for warehouse leaders who want an Edge on their competitors. Meet Edge for 3PLs!

We developed Edge a 3PL Warehouse System for ambitious 3PLs looking to increase profit, maximise capacity, eliminate errors, cut logistics costs, maximise capacity, shorten put-away times, and decrease customer churn.

See you how Minster WMS is revolutionising warehouse ops for 3PL companies:

Do Any Of These 3PL Warehouse Challenges Sound Familiar?

Margins v Efficiency
Constantly battling to maintain margins and increase efficiency.
Your team spending hours each week sorting out errors and mis-picks.
Lacking Support
Not getting the support you need from your current WMS provider. Wasting time talking to people who don’t know how to solve your problem
Feeling Disconnected
Your existing WMS feeling disconnected from other important areas of the business

Having to answer stock queries with manual, time-consuming checks.

Not having the tools or visibility to keep your customers happy or answer customer service queries
Invoicing headaches. Different customers with different rates.
Capacity Challenges

Wanting to take on more customers, and having to squeeze everything in to limited space

Prioritising staff activities and putaways, so the team are doing the right thing at the right time

We Know Managing A Modern 3PL Warehouse Is Not Easy...

The 3PL arena is a battleground, and the statistics confirm it.​

The average warehouse inefficiency rate has spiked by over 25% in the last 24 months (Logistics Management).
0 %
Only 53% of warehouses are meeting their efficiency targets (Warehouse Education and Research Council).
0 %
The cost of training new warehouse staff has doubled in the last 3 years (Material Handling Institute).
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Meanwhile, you’re tasked with giving better service, with fewer resources, all while customer expectations soar.

If you don’t have access to real-time stock visibility you lose precious time tracking down inventory, leading to delays and dissatisfaction. Inefficient picking processes slow down operations, directly impacting your bottom line and customer satisfaction. Frequent errors in orders waste resources but also harm your reputation. Lack of swift reporting, a near-perfect delivery success rate and stock availability gives rise to a frustrated customer base that has less loyalty than ever.

It’s more critical than ever to keep delivery errors to a minimum and enable swift, efficient status updates with a warehouse platform you can trust.

This is why we built Minster Edge for 3PLs.

Inspite of all the above challenges, some 3PLs are thriving. We’ve helped warehouse teams of all sizes supercharge their operations, save money and increase efficiency.

What do you get with MinsterWMS Edge for 3PLs?

Increased Profit

Your warehouse will run smoother, faster and more profitably.

Less Outgoings

You’ll cut down costs by eradicating stock errors.

Perfect, Realtime Visibility

You’ll know what’s happening in your warehouse anytime, anywhere.

Happier Customers

Respond to customer queries with a mouse-click and reduce picking errors to <0.02%.

Efficient Order Picking

Speed up orders and keep customers happy.

Effortless Stock Takes & Slick Invoicing

Get exact stock counts in 3 mouse clicks and easily invoice different customers at different rates.

Streamlined Deliveries

Organize your deliveries smoothly across multiple locations.

Immediate Error Detection

Find and fix picking errors quickly.

Flawless Integration

Into other areas of the business (Purchasing, ERP, Shipping partners).

A WMS Built For Your Business

Specific functionality for 3PLs and a support team that will build the functionality most critical for your business.

Multi-Channel Sales

Manage all your sales channels easily in one place.

Dependable Data

Trust our system for all your operational info.

We’re confident we can take on almost any 3rd party logistics contract with Minster’s support. Everytime we speak to them about a potential contract there’s a way they can make the system work for us.

The Minster WMS Guarantee

Dedicated Customer Portal

What Makes Minster Different?

Transitioning to a new warehouse management system can seem daunting, but with Minster you’re in good hands.

We get most of our clients up and running within just 6 weeks.

We know your time is money, so our support is run by frontline technical staff who will resolve any issues in the quickest time possible.

Our onboarding process is designed to be as smooth and stress-free as possible, with our team standing by your side every step of the way.

The way that Minster have gone about their business. Calmly, quietly - they’ve delivered for us time and time again. These guys are the one. They talk to you as a human being and they understand that you may have little to no knowledge whatsoever, and they will get you on your feet.

Discover how Minster WMS can work for your business?

Would you like to understand more about the Minster Warehouse Management System and how it can be integrated into your business? Book a no-obligation demonstration today or request a call back!

Frequently Asked Questions

Read a selection of some of the questions about WMS and our 3PL WMS System that we get asked most frequently.

While Minster WMS may not always be the cheapest option, our focus on delivering unparalleled value through superior functionality, customization, and support ensures a greater return on investment over time.

Our unique approach combines cutting-edge technology with personalized, ongoing support and a commitment to continuous improvement. This ensures not just a solution, but a partnership that grows with your business.

Absolutely. Our technical integration workshop is designed to ensure seamless integration with your current infrastructure, minimizing disruptions and maximizing efficiency.

Most of our clients are up and running within 6 weeks. Our streamlined onboarding process is designed to get your operations running smoothly and efficiently as quickly as possible.

Our commitment to you doesn’t end at implementation. We offer continuous support and stand by your side to resolve any issues, ensuring your operations always run at peak efficiency.

Yes, comprehensive staff training is a core part of our onboarding process. We ensure your team is fully equipped to leverage all the features and benefits of Minster WMS.

Data security is a top priority. We employ the latest security protocols and technologies to protect your data, giving you peace of mind.

Our solutions are designed to be scalable, supporting your business as it grows. We work with you to adapt and expand your WMS capabilities in line with your evolving needs.

We understand that business needs can evolve. Our agile approach and continuous improvement philosophy mean we’re always ready to adjust and enhance your WMS to meet new challenges.

In today’s fast-paced market, staying ahead requires efficiency, visibility, and adaptability. Minster WMS not only addresses current inefficiencies but also positions you for future growth, ensuring you don’t just keep up but lead the way.

A Fully Comprehensive Warehouse Management Solution

The Minster WMS Warehouse Management System comprises a fully comprehensive set of tools that are designed to integrate into your specific business processes, streamlining your activities to create the most efficient and cost-effective environment for your business operations.
Discover The Range of Services Minster WMS can offer to enhance your business.
Customer Experience
Dedicated client portal allowing customers to access order history and sales support.
Supporting your procurement processes for maximum profitability and peace of mind.
Warehouse Management
Control all aspects of your warehouse operation efficiently and effectively.
Delivery & Logistics
In-cab logistics solution – manage the end-to-end transportation and delivery process.
Access key management and KPI information through the dedicated reporting function.
Systems Integration (IntaData)
Consolidating cross-platform activity to provide greater visibility, overview and control.
3PL Warehouse System
A 3PL Warehouse System designed for warehouse leaders who want an Edge on their competitors