Delivery & Logistics

Delivery & Logistics

73% of people shopped online from eCommerce stores more in 2020 than they had in previous years.

Almost all of your procedures and norms are based on customers’ experience and satisfaction. As you know, handling customers can be tricky at times. Some are easy to please, while others are difficult to impress. They do, however, share a single thing in common. Every one of your customers expects a well-organized, professional, and efficient delivery service.

To ensure client satisfaction, proof of delivery is the ultimate solution and is necessary for clear evidence. You can own the last mile and keep customer satisfaction high with the help of proof of delivery!

Delivery and Logistics For Optimum Efficiency

Delivery and logistics are essential to the overall success of your business, we understand that. A delayed or missed delivery will have ramifications that will eclipse the rest of your processes no matter how strong they are. 

Our system allows you to expedite the distribution process by automating specific tasks, streamlining your workflow, and delivering goods to your customers in the most efficient possible timeframe. In addition, it goes a step further, acting as an extension to your validation process beyond the warehouse perimeter.

Electronic Proof of Delivery (EPoD)

When it comes to logistics there are two things that are crucial; transparency and efficiency – you want to know where your goods are at all times, and you want them to leave your warehouse and reach their destination in the most efficient way possible. 

Our highly developed and intuitive Electronic Proof of Delivery (EPoD) system, developed by Touchstar, delivers all this and more.

With various PDA hardware options available, you can select one based on your business requirements. Ranging from a simple mobile phone to a more robust purpose-built PDA with dedicated integral bar code scanner, GPS satellite navigation and GPRS software installed.

Voice Controlled Marshalling & Loading

With our voice-controlled marshalling and loading option, the user receives a real hands-free experience, whilst providing more efficient use of time with safety at the forefront. 

Vehicle Routing and Delivery

Route details can be downloaded from the Minster system to the EPoD device and used by drivers in place of printed route sheets. Fully integrated with 3rd party solutions such a Optrak and Paragon to optimise route planning along with loading efficiency. The display lists the number of drops and customers on the route and informs them of the current status, for example: outstanding, delivered, delivered with discrepancies.  

InCab Management and Paperless Delivery

The whole delivery process from the point that the goods leave the warehouse to being delivered to the customer is managed through the EPoD system. The PDA allows for the provision of electronic journey lists and will even update in real time to maximise efficiency. Point of delivery capture and delivery discrepancy management to enable clean invoicing, is also catered for. In addition to this, there is also an option to view the products and quantities on a delivery note, and to record shortages and rejections which are then fed back to the warehouse to streamline the returns process within the Minster system.

Supplier Conformance

Not only does the system record when goods are delivered but it also enables the driver to record the time arrived on the customer site separately to physically off-loading the goods. This provides visibility of waiting times and a more accurate representation of supplier performance for any customer SLA queries which may arise. 

Payment Management

Requests or pre-requisites for collection of money during the delivery process are provided from the Minster System and displayed within the EPoD to ensure the driver carries out the action. These include cash on delivery, partial account payments and collection of cheques etc. 

GPRS Tracking

The intelligent GPRS option allows for goods to be tracked in real-time whilst in transit, ensuring the customer is updated on delivery estimations, and for the goods to be located at any given time if required. Confirmation of the delivery is also recorded upon destination arrival and transmitted back to the Minster system as soon as delivery takes place.  

GPS Navigation

The GPS option gives the driver detailed route directions, traffic information, redirects as required and aids in providing efficient and smooth deliveries. The system utilises GPS navigation systems suitable for HGVs to ensure optimum route planning and reduce the likelihood of delays due to bad route planning. 

Onboard Camera

A camera option can be included for the PDA enabling the driver to capture an image of the delivery at the point of delivery, particularly useful to facilitate zero touchpoints and negate the need for the customer's physical signature. 

Delivery Discrepancies 

The Delivery Discrepancies module allows for any order discrepancies to be recorded and automatically suggests and controls the recovery action that needs to be taken. Therefore, helping maintain the customer experience as any issues are dealt with immediately.  In the case of a short or incomplete delivery, the system offers the options to: 

  • Issue the missing goods free of charge 
  • Issue a credit note for the missing goods 
  • Collect the delivered goods and credit the entire invoice item 

This is also helpful for B2B customers as they are only invoiced at the point of delivery, removing the need to re-invoice for goods returned/faulty etc. 

Returns Process Optimisation

Pre-authorised returns are uploaded to the PDA’s from Minster system automatically as part of the delivery schedule and provided to the driver as part of the delivery process. Capturing adhoc returns at the point of delivery transmits the information back to the Minster system ready for receipt and returns processing. The Minster system’s returns process enables good stock to be directed to the pick location to maintain stock rotation, faulty goods to be returned to manufacturer or supplier, and re-work or partial problem products within an order to be re-issued or disposed of with full traceability.  

Vehicle Inspection and Legal Checks

The EPoD system can also include vehicle inspection, allowing the driver to report data back to the office in real-time. Ensuring your vehicles are compliant and meet with health and safety guidance. The driver can confirm they have checked the vehicle prior to their delivery routes, report any issues and even evidence relevant data should they be stopped for a vehicle inspection. Issues identified can be reported to mechanics and third-party maintenance providers to minimise VOR (vehicle off road) cost.  

The software makes allocation of routes and loads easy as it allows the operative to drag and drop jobs into the relevant vehicles – advising of the most effective routes as well as ensuring no vehicles are overloaded. 

Furthermore, the system allows for legal documentation to be uploaded to ensure it is to hand should the driver require it and eliminate additional administrative time after an event.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Read a selection of some of the questions about WMS and its impact on Delivery & Logistics that we get asked most frequently.

As more businesses move towards a paperless environment, apart from the ecological benefits of reducing paper use introducing an electronic proof of delivery system eliminates the need for manual entry as well as data processing delays because the information is received in real-time. 

Paper proof of delivery errors affect not only the recipient but also the delivery driver and can soon result in monetary losses. A signature could become defaced, and a hardcopy receipt might get damaged or lost.

All of this, however, is significantly resolved by an electronic signature.

A courier or supplier can use proof of delivery software to “prove” the delivery process and prevent these issues, reducing the need to reimburse the sender or reproduce orders through an uncertain supply chain of custody.

Delivery speed is impacted by the process of physically handing goods over to the customer and the related admin that is required: paper proof of delivery takes longer to process than electronic POD. With ePoD, information is exchanged and shared in real-time via a web-based system.

This prevents delivery drivers from returning to their office with a stack of documentation that still has to be processed at the end of the day.

Collaboration and interaction among your staff will also be much more efficient because they will be communicating through delivery software solutions rather than making phone calls. Furthermore, there will be no possibility of information being misheard or misconstrued.

An EPoD system has a direct impact on customer satisfaction levels. Customers have a variety of purchasing options at the touch of their fingertips. This introduces the challenge of ever-increasing customer expectations. Companies that provide trusted, customised services gain a substantial share of their customer’s loyalty. 

ePoD provides valuable services for client retention. It is very flexible to a company’s requirements and its customers.

A supplier, for instance, can increase customer engagement with each driver and receiver by providing tailored shipping updates, tracking alerts, and post-delivery interaction.

Digital proof of delivery can also help with the management of any order or delivery adjustments, allowing you to deal with potential customer complaints ahead of time.

A Fully Comprehensive Warehouse Management Solution

The Minster WMS Warehouse Management System comprises a fully comprehensive set of tools that are designed to integrate into your specific business processes, streamlining your activities to create the most efficient and cost-effective environment for your business operations.
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Customer Experience
Dedicated client portal allowing customers to access order history and sales support.
Supporting your procurement processes for maximum profitability and peace of mind.
Warehouse Management
Control all aspects of your warehouse operation efficiently and effectively.
Delivery & Logistics
In-cab logistics solution – manage the end-to-end transportation and delivery process.
Access key management and KPI information through the dedicated reporting function.
Systems Integration (IntaData)
Consolidating cross-platform activity to provide greater visibility, overview and control.
3PL Warehouse System
A 3PL Warehouse System designed for warehouse leaders who want an Edge on their competitors

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