Customer Service Experience

Customer Service Experience

Deliver a customer service experience that your clients will want to shout about.

Deliver a customer service experience that your clients will want to shout about.
In the ever-evolving world of fast-paced sales, it is not enough to simply deliver a product, the whole customer journey from initial touchpoint to post-sales follow up and beyond has to deliver.

The Minster system has been designed to ensure that you can exceed your customer’s expectations whilst also improving internal efficiencies and streamlining your operations. Our system provides you with a bird’s eye view of your operations and ensures that each process flows into the next whilst your customer has instant access to their purchasing journey.

Delivering an Exceptional Experience For Your Customer

Customer service experience is all-encompassing, the difference between a positive experience and a negative one is the key to long-term relationships. Knowledge, an insight into their purchase journey and the ability to easily communicate is essential to customers – with this in mind we have designed our portal to provide you with a full range of functionality to satisfy your customers as follows:

Dedicated Customer Portal

Minster WMS provides you with a system that allows your customers access via our purpose-built client portal. Sales order and purchase order information can be viewed at product level to analyse transaction history. Order-related issues such as delivery confirmation, customer collections and credit requests can be controlled via the management module. Customer service responses are improved by managing responses to issues such as late deliveries in an efficient and professional manner.

Dedicated Customer Portal

Online Sales Portal & E-Commerce Integration

The Minster WMS system contains interfaces that enable customers to place orders via the Internet. This can be completely customisable, for example, if required, different product ranges and prices can be offered to different customer groups.

The system fully supports e-commerce support services including:

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Increased efficiency and accelerated order processing through automated electronic documentation. 

Order acknowledgements

Keep your customers informed with instant order acknowledgements at the point of purchase. 

Advance shipping notices

Notify customers of an upcoming delivery, streamlining the goods receiving process. 

Order tracking

Provide transparency and reassurance with the ability to track an order from purchase to delivery.  

Proof of delivery

Automated proof of delivery at the moment the goods are received. 

Contingency orders

Should an error with a product occur, a contingency order can be raised to fulfil the customer order. 

Our successful ecommerce integrations include direct solutions to Shopify and Magento. We also work with clients who use MuleSoft by Salesforce, and we understand the needs to stay agile, deliver faster, and maximize IT investments. Minster WMS integrates with Courier Management systems like MetaPack to lodge consignments directly with selected suppliers.


The system supports the sales function of your business providing you with the tools to maximise the effectiveness of your telesales activities. Telesales calls can be scheduled at times convenient to each customer and the tone of the conversation can be completely tailored by the operator to ensure maximum personalisation and increase the likelihood of a successful sale.

A customer’s purchase history can be used to prompt a list of products on the order entry screen, allowing the operator to suggest tailored order quantities and demonstrate the customer’s ordering habits. It can also be used to perform sensibility checking of order quantities. In addition, the customer’s own product codes and descriptions can be used. Promotion on specific products, such as special offers, substitutions, supersessions and phase-outs, can also be brought to the customer’s attention.

Customer Support

Our integration with Xapsys gives us a great customer relationship management (CRM) platform to proactively manage your clients from one secure, cloud based database whether in the office or on a mobile device. Sales staff can spend more time selling and less time on admin tasks with ultra-fast order entry and customer order history. Xapsys CRM & Xapsys Live Dashboard provides live stock information to the team so the information provided to your customers is always up to date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read a selection of some of the questions about WMS and its impact on the Customer Service Experience that we get asked most frequently.

Ask any warehouse operative what the best system is they’ve ever worked with and you would likely be presented with a very long list. There are many good warehouse management systems around and most would have a few things in common:

  • visibility - the ability to see inventory and the transactions that change the inventory, such as purchases (receipts) and sales (picking);
  • accuracy – the functionality to ensure products and locations are identified and correctly updated every time; and
  • efficiency - every warehouse operative goes to work to do a good job and a system that provides the tools to do that job in a streamlined and efficient manner is essential!

If there’s one thing more infuriating than not finding a product you’re trying to buy then it’s thinking you’ve bought one and then being told later that the company can’t supply!

A good WMS will keep your reputation intact by providing live inventory data feeds to your sales teams and your online presence. And before that, it will make sure that the right product was identified when it arrived at your door. That could be through the use of scanning devices, good manual checks or even utilising the latest voice technology.

All the effort of getting the stock in time, and showing it on your sales channels, is of no use if the product is not in the right warehouse location! A good WMS will make sure all these steps that build towards a great customer experience become second nature for your team.

There is nothing more frustrating than walking up and down a racking aisle on a cold February evening looking for the last item to finish an order that has to be completed now to make the courier cut-off! A good WMS removes the need for warehouse operatives to rely on memory and will take them straight to the location in the optimum route. Furthermore, it will be completely up to date and won’t even allow products that are out of stock to be ordered let alone searched for.

Customer service should be at the forefront of all businesses. Without satisfied customers, you run the risk of losing valuable clients and damaging your reputation. By utilising a WMS you can ensure you meet customers’ expectations, by delivering an efficient, streamlined service – delivering their products to them in the quickest time frame possible.

Managing the customer’s needs from the moment they place an order is crucial – the running of your warehouse has a direct impact on this as it affects everything from accurate stock levels through to delivery times. If a customer hits bumps in this process they are likely to report a bad experience and possibly even source an alternative supplier.

When a customer is in a position to purchase they want to know the availability of a product and how soon it will arrive. Using WMS facilitates this, through accurate stock management, product location information, live order tracking and delivery updates, when combined delivering an all-round positive customer experience.


A Fully Comprehensive Warehouse Management Solution

The Minster WMS Warehouse Management System comprises a fully comprehensive set of tools that are designed to integrate into your specific business processes, streamlining your activities to create the most efficient and cost-effective environment for your business operations.
Discover The Range of Services Minster WMS can offer to enhance your business.
Customer Experience
Dedicated client portal allowing customers to access order history and sales support.
Supporting your procurement processes for maximum profitability and peace of mind.
Warehouse Management
Control all aspects of your warehouse operation efficiently and effectively.
Delivery & Logistics
In-cab logistics solution – manage the end-to-end transportation and delivery process.
Access key management and KPI information through the dedicated reporting function.
Systems Integration (IntaData)
Consolidating cross-platform activity to provide greater visibility, overview and control.
3PL Warehouse System
A 3PL Warehouse System designed for warehouse leaders who want an Edge on their competitors

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