Systems Integration - IntaData

Systems Integration (IntaData)

Intadata is a message translation and delivery service supporting many protocols and many data formats.

IntaData integration platform allows you to provide seamless, flexible integration to your customers, suppliers, partners or internal systems without the expense and timescales of traditional integration projects. Whether you’re a logistics company wanting to accept electronic orders from your clients or a manufacturing business looking to connect multiple systems together, Intadata can help. 


Quick to Market

Use IntaData to help grow your business, take on new clients with integration needs in a matter of hours not weeks. IntaData is engineered to allow new integrations to be setup and implemented quickly and efficiently, reducing the need for lengthy development projects.


IntaData was designed from the ground up to be reliable so that you can be sure that your systems are available for business. Message configurations are segregated into dedicated worker threads removing single points of failure. Not only this, IntaData includes a dedicated heartbeat monitoring service that ensures all key processes are running. In the event of an issue, IntaData will alert your sys admins via SMS and email so that problems can be dealt with before they impact the business. 

Our hosted solutions offer flexibility and resiliency meaning we can engineer the solution to provide a RPO (recovery point objective) and RTO (recovery time objective) to meet your business continuity needs. 


IntaData will provide your team with visibility of data sent and received via a user-friendly, customisable Web UI. Whether an electronic order has not arrived for picking or an invoice did not reach your finance system, IntaData provides a central place to trace your data and resolve issues efficiently. 

Concerned about Cyber Security or GDPR, losing track of which systems are connected? Keep on top of system integrations using IntaData. IntaData provides a central place to see and monitor your internal and external system integrations so that you can be sure where your data is going and how it is transferred. 


IntaData provides an abstraction layer between your internal systems and the outside world. If you want to upgrade your WMS or ERP without worrying about downtime you can. IntaData will provide continuity whilst system maintenance takes place and whilst downstream systems are offline. 

Want to implement a new financial system but don’t want to re-engineer your ERP, WMS and MRP? IntaData can help, keep your existing integrations and let IntaData handle the rest. By using IntaData as a central hub, you can unplug your old finance (et al.) system, and replace it with a new system without the complexity of re-engineering all other systems.

Save Costs and Time

IntaData will allow you to implement new integrations quickly and cost-effectively. With its intuitive UI and our dedicated specialist support team, IntaData will allow you to establish new integrations without expensive ERP or WMS development. 

IntaData is engineered to allow new transforms to be implemented very quickly and without downtime, streamlining new client take-on whilst also reducing risk.

Many Protocols

IntaData supports many protocols meaning that you can be flexible and adaptive to your client’s needs. IntaData has many protocols out of the box including FTP, sFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, and AS2. Not only this but due to our flexible Microsoft Azure hosting solutions we can provide custom configurations, VPNs and Firewalls to ensure your security and infrastructure requirements are taken care of. 

Quick to Market

Use IntaData to help grow your business, take on new clients with integration needs in a matter of hours not weeks. IntaData is engineered to allow new integrations to be setup and implemented quickly and efficiently, reducing the need for lengthy development projects.

Data Aware

IntaData not only accepts and translates data, it has intelligent processing which will extract key information such as order number, invoice number, and customer. Allowing you to search for the file in which an order was received or track the delivery of an invoice all from an intuitive, easy to use Web UI. 

IntaData can be configured to act as a gatekeeper to ensure that data is well formed and meets your criteria before it is passed downstream. Reduce complicated and lengthy support investigations by allowing IntaData to validate and parse data before it reaches downstream systems.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Read a selection of some of the questions about WMS and its impact on Delivery & Logistics that we get asked most frequently.

Integration is the process to connect two or more systems electronically to enable automatic data flows. Apart from reducing manual input and increasing accuracy, systems integrations allow for scalability in the organisation.

IntaData is our messaging transport and transform platform. Created from scratch in 2017, IntaData sends and receives a number of different files and formats to and from customers and suppliers. One example is that we receive a .CSV file with Sales Orders from a customer’s Point of Sale system and then we convert it to the requirement for our WMS. We may then send out a despatch confirmation to another client in an XML format.

The centre of the warehouse is inventory or stock control and that is usually a core feature of a warehouse management system. Some of the main functions would be to ensure a first in, first out rotation of stock, batch control, lot visibility and tracking inventory costs across stock instances. The two functions that work most closely with inventory are purchasing – to get good in, and picking – to get goods out. Transport planning systems, robotics for automatic storage and retrieval systems and handheld devices for scanning during warehouse activities all form part of modern warehouse management.

A Fully Comprehensive Warehouse Management Solution

The Minster WMS Warehouse Management System comprises a fully comprehensive set of tools that are designed to integrate into your specific business processes, streamlining your activities to create the most efficient and cost-effective environment for your business operations.
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Customer Experience
Dedicated client portal allowing customers to access order history and sales support.
Supporting your procurement processes for maximum profitability and peace of mind.
Warehouse Management
Control all aspects of your warehouse operation efficiently and effectively.
Delivery & Logistics
In-cab logistics solution – manage the end-to-end transportation and delivery process.
Access key management and KPI information through the dedicated reporting function.
Systems Integration (IntaData)
Consolidating cross-platform activity to provide greater visibility, overview and control.
3PL Warehouse System
A 3PL Warehouse System designed for warehouse leaders who want an Edge on their competitors

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