Benefits Of Using Minster WMS

The return on investment made in Minster’s proven warehouse and distribution management software is considerable. The use of our voice-enabled solution has significant positive benefits including increased levels of accuracy and productivity with the opportunity for human error kept to the minimum. Customers report they are able to advance their service offering and improve efficiency without impact on staffing. Download our brochure to find out all the benefits Minster delivers.


50 orders each day

20 cases each order

260 days each year

3% margin of error

7800 errors every year

£10 product and £10 admin cost for each error

£ 0

Improvements on accuracy with voice from 97% to 99.97%
Reduces cost of errors by:

£ 0


Implementing voice technology

80% saving on dispatch

14% saving in operations

1% increase in invoicing

30% office cost saving

No more calls from drivers

Additional benefits include:

Improved customer satisfaction 
Full transparency 
Corporate level logistics 
No terminal-level optimisation


35 people in each team

38 hours each week

Cost of team per week £11,305 (£8.50 per manhour)

52 weeks each year

£ 0

Cost of team every year

Voice technology typically increases efficiency by 25% resulting in an annual saving of:

£ 0

Discover how Minster WMS can work for your business?

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