FWD Article

FWD Article

What’s your elevator pitch about your company?

We are a leading provider of warehouse management systems (WMS) and logistics solutions. Our sophisticated, user-friendly applications are designed for high volume, mission critical situations. We have a proven track record in delivering robust and reliable solutions.

Our team of experts can provide a complete end-to-end solution. We work closely with 3rd party vendors like Psion, Talkman and Optrak, Paragon Solutions, and VoiteQ, so that we deliver the best service possible.

Our passion is to deliver innovative solutions that enable our customers to improve their operations and compete effectively in today’s challenging marketplace.

What’s going on in your business?

Minster has entered into a strategic partnership with TouchStar plc. Our organisations offer software from opposite ends of the supply chain process but we’ll be able to ensure that clients have everything they need in one place through our combined product offering which will include sales order processing, warehousing and last-mile proof of delivery confirmation.

The PODStar software, like Minster, is constantly evolving and now extends well beyond conventional ePOD to include job planning and scheduling, route planning, vehicle, and driver tracking, vehicle inspection, and driver administration.

What can you offer FWD’s wholesale membership?

The return on investment made in Minster’s proven warehouse and distribution management software is considerable. Minster Logistics Software offers a highly flexible and comprehensive system to help with the distribution of products. It can be configured for all requirements by users such as wholesale distributors, contract warehousing organisations and local authorities to distribute products as diverse as food, sports equipment, cosmetics, stationery, cleaning materials and medical equipment.

Are there any innovations in the pipeline?

Minister’s Warehouse Management Module is the core software within our suite and controls all aspects of warehouse operations, including multi-client processing. The module can be installed as a traditional paper based system, RF-driven, or fully automated with voice enabled capabilities.

Minster’s fully integrated suite of business modules are constantly evolving to keep up with modern needs including sales order processing, telesales and procurement. We also offer pallet tracking to ensure efficiency in your warehouse environment.

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